‘ "Keane for Wellness" is far more than a play on words for naturopath Erin Keane; it's about helping her patients to feel their best and take control of their wellness journey. ’




Hi! I’m Erin Keane, director and naturopath behind Keane for Wellness.

I am passionate about helping people to find their way back to feeling healthy, energised and excited about life again.

As a Bachelor Qualified Naturopath (BHSc Nat) and registered practicing member of NHAA, I am dedicated to giving my clients the best possible care.


What Can I Help You With?

I work with a wide range of patients and conditions in clinic, to help dig deeper and find the root causes or imbalances that are impacting good health. Read more about how naturopathy and my individualised approach here.

Clinical Focus

My areas of clinical interest:

Skin Health






Men’s Health

Hormones and Prostate Issues

Libido and Reproductive Health

Weight and Cardiovascular Support

Mental Health



Women’s Hormones

PMS and Period Pain



Mental Health


Digestive Health

Bloating and discomfort


Food allergies and intolerances



Ready to Claim Your Health Back? Let’s Get Started!


Do none of the above apply to you? I may still be able to help!

We are all unique and have our own health problems and journeys. Naturopathy does not focus on the “disease”, but the person as a whole.

I see patients for a wide range of other health concerns such as immune support, headaches and migraines, weight management, urinary tract infections, anxiety and low mood, stress support and more.

If you are wondering whether I am the right fit for you, please ask me any and all questions and I will be happy to chat! I have a wonderful network of health practitioners that I can refer you to if I feel I am not the best fit for your individual needs.