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Flower Essence Therapy

Our emotions can have a strong impact on our life, not only in how we feel but also in our mental and physical states. When our emotional health is out of balance or blocked in some way, this can lead to feelings of frustration, fatigue, anxiety or lack of confidence.

Flower essence therapy is an energetic form of healing, which aims to balance emotional issues and bring the mind and body back into balance.


What is a Flower Essence?

Flower essences are created by using a carrier liquid to capture the unique healing properties of a flower.

I use Australian Bush Flower Essences in my clinic, as I love the connection to native Australian plants. Australian Bush Flower Essences draw on a range of native Australian flowers, each with an individual affinity to different emotional, mental and physical experiences.

After working through your individual experience in a consult, I formulate a specific flower essence remedy targeted at restoring balance and resolving specific blockages.

Intuitive readings are also available using the beautiful Flower Insight Cards, which can be helpful in revealing issues which you may be unaware of or resisting against.