Online Consultations

I am now offering online appointments to make my naturopathy and nutrition services more accessible.

Online appointments can be conducted via the following channels:

  • Skype

  • Facetime

  • Phone (only for return consultations, video is required for initial consultations)

Why Choose Online?

There are many reasons why people seek out online appointments rather than attending a clinic in person.

  • Those living in rural Victoria or elsewhere in Australia who are unable to come in to Melbourne

  • Busy lives mean that some find it easier to schedule in an appointment without factoring in additional travel time

  • Health issues that may make it challenging to travel in for an appointment, such as chronic fatigue, chronic pain or an injury

  • Those wanting to just stay in their PJ’s or trackies from the comfort of their own home (no judgment, we have all been there!)


Valuable Insights

Consulting people one on one in an online format has some great benefits. You may feel more comfortable in your own home, and for some people that can make talking about personal details and health issues easier. It’s also handy for dietary assessment, as people often find it easier to remember their habits, what they eat and even check the specific brands when they have access to their own kitchen.

Extra Information

There are of course some pieces of information that can not be obtained in an online consultations, such as physical assessment and testing. I will require some baseline tests including a recent blood pressure reading and recent blood test results. These can be sent through prior to the consultation if available, or you may be referred for further testing after the initial online consult. I often use functional testing through Nutripath and other pathology services which can be ordered to your home and completed at your convenience.


Online Dispensary

The wonders of technology means that I have access to a beautiful online dispensary, available Australia wide. Your treatment plan will be individualised and may include nutritional supplements, liquid herbal formulas or herbal tablets, functional foods or flower essences. Using the online dispensary system, you will be able to view your prescription online and order your delivery straight to your home or workplace, as well as being able to manage any repeats at your convenience as authorised by your naturopath.


Scheduling an Online Appointment

If you would like to book an online consultation you can do so here, or if you have any questions you can contact me here.

Due to the added flexibility of online consultations, I also offer out of hours consultations on request for those who are unable to find a time during normal clinic hours. If this appeals to you, shoot an email through to for more information.

The Fine Print

We respect our patients’ time and as well as our own. Payment for online consultations is required at least 48 hours prior to the appointment via credit card payment or direct transfer, with no refunds for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.