Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine Consultations


Initial Consultation

60 mins

This in depth assessment of your health concerns and wellness goals includes analysis of your personal medical history, family history, diet, and lifestyle. Iridology and relevant physical assessments are included in this visit. 


Return Consultation

30 mins

A comprehensive treatment plan is provided for return patients. Ongoing care involves monitoring and reviewing treatment progress. 


Acute Consultation

20 mins

(Existing patients only)

Quick consultations available for acute conditions such as cold and flu, hay fever or rashes.


Also Available:

Flower Essence Readings

Derived from native Australian flowers, bush flower essences are a form of herbal medicine that address physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Flower essences can help to recalibrate energy, allowing you to feel more energised, in control and resilient.

A Flower Essence Reading will involve identifying areas of imbalance or concern, and creating a tailored remedy depending on your individual needs.

Flower Essence Readings can be added on to either an Initial Consultation or a Return Consultation.

Learn more about Flower Essences here